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I have a lot of people ask me what my favorite tool is in my garage.  Starting this year I really worked hard on acquiring the best tools I could to do a lot of jobs.  I still have to get a few things like a chop saw and a welder so I can work with metal, but I have done a good job in the other areas.  I think the best investment I made this year was my sears air compressor.  It is one of the biggest ones they sell at 60 gallons.  That thing will power any tool.  Then I just hopped over to harbor freight and loaded up on air tools.  Now my garage is working better than ever.

It is starting to get cold in my area which means it is time to break out the Under Armour shirts and pants.  What is Under Armour?  Well it is a line of clothing specifically designed to absorb body heat and keep you warm outside when it is cold.  When you live in an area like I do winter is cold and the last thing I want to do is saddle on more pounds because I don’t work out.

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